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  • used wire edm machine DK 7730 B

    Contact Nowused wire edm machine DK 7730 BInside cutting fluid recycle system, it makes machine body clean during working.Good rigidity, running placidly, strong function, convenient and reliable operation.Suitable to process conductive metalRead More2015-05-14

  • FH300 C

    Contact NowFH300 CChina wire edm machine using molybdenum wire, copper wire as the electrode wire, and the electric spark discharge comes from the pulse between wire and the working part. The high temperature causes thRead More2015-08-04

  • wire cut edm machine FH350 C

    Contact Nowwire cut edm machine FH350 CTHREE CUT WIRE EDM MACHINE FH400C Customer’s requirements to precision and roughness are increasing, in the other hand, the competitive price and high efficiency also will be taken into consideration whenRead More2015-04-30

  • edm wire cut machine FH450 C

    Contact Nowedm wire cut machine FH450 CTHREE CUT WIRE EDM MACHINE FH320C FH320C edm wire cutting machine was designed for meeting customer’s requirements of high performance and competitive appearance.  It adopt autocut software based onRead More2015-04-30

  • edm wire cutting machine FH630 C

    Contact Nowedm wire cutting machine FH630 CTHREE CUT WIRE EDM MACHINE FH630C FH630C is one kind of large size machine in Fuhao wire cut edm machine family. It has the similar performance with the other models. The working table size is 630mm plus 1Read More2015-04-30

  • electronica wire cut machine FH 350 A

    Contact Nowelectronica wire cut machine FH 350 AA series wire cut edm machine featuresMulti-cut function is necessary for reaching high surface roughness during wire cut edm machine job, general speaking, the first time cut is fast and for getting the approxRead More2015-04-30

  • FH 450A

    Contact NowFH 450AHigh accuracy wire cut edm machine  This kind of wire cut edm machine are widely used for metal cutting process, it can be used for cutting any conductive material. And our wire cut edm machine are widelyRead More2015-04-30

  • DK 7735 B

    Contact NowDK 7735 BThe Factors affecting cutting accuracy1. Machining path Arranging reasonable cutting path, try to avoid damage to the original internal stress, preventing the deformation caused by fixture and wrong cRead More2015-07-24

  • DK 7745 B

    Contact NowDK 7745 BDK7745B is FUHAO brand molybdenum wire edm machine, it uses molybdenum wire for the Electrode wire and the maximum cutting speed is more than 10000 mm2 each hour. As this series machine have economicaRead More2015-07-28

  • DK 7763 B

    Contact NowDK 7763 BDK7763B is large size wire edm machine of B series, the working table 630x1000mm, and maximum loading weight is more than 1000kg. The economical wire edm machine is widely used for rough cut, becauseRead More2015-07-28

  • Large Taper Wire Cut EDM Machine

    Contact NowLarge Taper Wire Cut EDM MachineLARGE TAPER WIRE EDM MACHINE Our large taper wire cut edm machine have the optional of +/-15°, +/-30°. It has four axis linkage of X,Y,U,V.  Due to the special angle cutting device, it can do the faRead More2015-04-30

  • DK7740Z China Large Taper Wire Edm

    Contact NowDK7740Z China Large Taper Wire EdmWorking principle of large taper wire edm machine, Taper line cutting machine tool by increasing the U, V axis and X, Y axis linkage, constitute the coordination of the upper and lower two. U, V andRead More2015-07-30

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